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Uppdaterade rugbyregler från IWRF

07 MAR 2021 11:52
IWRF har publicerat en uppdaterad version av de internationella rugbyreglerna, som gäller fr o m 2021.
  • Uppdaterad: 07 MAR 2021 11:52

IWRF:s tekniska kommitté har jobbat med en uppdatering av de internationella reglerna och äve utvecklat case booken kring regler. Regler och case book ligger under Tävling/Tävlingsdokument

Några exempel på ändringar i reglerna är:

  • Rules updates/changes for the removal of classification cards from the game
  • Player safety and welfare language
  • Referee empowerment language for IWRF Medical Guidelines
  • Update to the name of the Technical Commissioner position to Game Commissioner
  • Clarification on the definition of Common Foul and Charging Foul
  • Clarification of the definition and sanction of Flagrant and Disqualifying Fouls
  • Updates to the Score Sheet and Penalty Sheet

En annan förändring är storlek och placering av siffror på spelatröjorna (byter sida). För att inte alla ska behöva köpa nya klubblagströjor har rugbykommittén beslutat att vi nationellt godkänner matchtröjor med siffror enligt de gamla reglerna.

En förfrågan har också kommit om medverkan i en forskningsstudie (se nedan).

A current wheelchair rugby coach is a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia . Her research study is looking for elite and recreational athletes to participate in a study on experiences with neuropathic pain among athletes with spinal cord injuries (SCI). She is hoping to get a large sample size and I felt that the IWRF is well positioned to uplift this work.


To participate the athlete must be a; recreational participant, high performance or Paralympic athlete exercising at least 2x per week and also experience neuropathic pain.

This study is open to people from across the world. Participants will be compensated for their time.

Definitions of neuropathic pain are categorized by any of these sensations:

Sharp pain (like a knife)

Electric shock/tingling pain

Hot pain (like fire)

Dull pain (aching/bruise-like)

Cold pain (like ice)

Sensitive (sunburned skin/raw skin)

Itchy pain (like a mosquito bite/ poison oak) Unpleasant pain (e.g., pain can have a low intensity, but still be very unpleasant and vice versa) Deep pain Surface level pain

Contact, Kendra Todd: This is a mailto link


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